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Take card payments directly on your computer with SuperSonic POS

SuperSonic POS turns your computer into a credit card terminal. It’s perfect for remote billing or taking credit cards over the phone.

It's just that easy.

Super Sonic Pay Plans - the ultimate choice!

Choosing the optimal credit card processing plan for your business with SuperSonic Pay

No Hidden Fees

No Long Term Contracts

No Early Termination Fees

We resell all major payment gateways

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The solution our powerful virtual terminal options: NMI, Authorize.net, Converge, and Valor Paytech

Explore our diverse options

TXT2PAY Virtual Terminal 

Merchants use Authvia TXT2PAY in Virtual Terminal for transactions, including sending invoices and receiving payments via text messages.

Electronic Check

Merchants can accept Electronic Check payments by performing a sale, void, refund, or issue credits via the Virtual Terminal secure web form.

Credit Card payments

Accept Credit Card payments with options for sales, authorizations, captures, voids, refunds, and credit issuances.


Merchants can customize their Virtual Terminal form to fit their needs, with diverse options available for optimization.


Our Authorize.net simplified payment solutions offer versatility and premium features to streamline your business operations while ensuring customer security


Explore our diverse options

Online Payments

Effortlessly process payments manually, on your website, or via a mobile app

Virtual Point of Sale

Easily connect a compatible card reader to your computer for in-person payments

Mobile Payments

Accept payments from customers using their mobile devices

Phone Payments

Securely accept manual orders with speed through our Virtual Terminal


Converge stands as a comprehensive payment gateway and omnicommerce solution, empowering businesses with advanced technology to seamlessly process credit card payments across various channels: in-store, online, through mobile, or via mail order/telephone order.

Acceptance of a wide range of payment methods:

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