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Enhance Tipping Choices with SuperSonic POS

Enhancing tipping choices with SuperSonic POS introduces a range of benefits

For both businesses and customers, transforming the tipping experience into a seamless and gratifying interaction

Standard Fixed Tip

Simplify tipping with a preset fixed amount, ensuring a seamless transaction process for customers

Round Up to the Dollar Tip

 Make tipping easy by enabling customers to round up their purchase to the nearest dollar, expressing appreciation effortlessly

Selective Tipping (Exclusive to SuperSonic POS)

Customize tipping options with SuperSonic POS, allowing selective tipping on specific tippable items like food service. This unique feature provides flexibility and a personalized experience.

Kitchen Printing

Kitchen Printing Function with SuperSonic POS

introduces a streamlined and efficient process for managing orders and communication between front-of-house staff and kitchen personnel

This feature enhances the overall workflow of restaurants, cafes, and other food service establishments, resulting in improved order accuracy, faster service, and enhanced customer satisfaction

Simplified Kitchen Operations with SuperSonic POS:

SuperSonic POS's Kitchen Printing Function ensures a smooth order preparation process without manual entries. Here's how:

Seamless Order Integration

Orders placed in SuperSonic POS seamlessly integrate into the kitchen system

Automatic Ticket Generation

Automatically generates a ticket with order details, special instructions, and modifications

Real-time Communication

Instantly sends the ticket to the kitchen, initiating prompt order preparation

Elimination of Manual Entries

No need for manual entry into a separate kitchen system, saving time and minimizing errors

Enhanced Efficiency

Contributes to overall restaurant efficiency, ensuring a smooth process from order to preparation

SuperSonic POS's Kitchen Printing Function revolutionizes your kitchen operations with a seamless, automated, and error-free approach

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