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Now, imagine upgrading your shop with SuperSonic's POS system – like a friendly helper that brings modern convenience to your authentic space

Apply for a cash advance and secure the working capital your business needs in just a few easy steps

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Bad Credit? No worries!

Why Choose SuperSonic Capital

With SuperSonic POS, running your business is a breeze.

Want to grow your business? SuperSonic is here to help!

Swift Financing Solutions

Our rapid decision-making process ensures prompt results

Boosted Inventory

Meeting seasonal demands with increased supply

Scaling Success

Growing your team alongside your business expansion

Customer-Driven Diversification

Enhancing products through feedback

Unlocking Growth

Crafting effective marketing campaigns for customer acquisition

SuperSonic Pay is not a loan

It's an advance of funds based on your future sales

With SuperSonic Pay, you receive a merchant cash advance, not a loan. We buy a portion of your future sales and you repay us with a percentage of your daily income until it's covered. No fixed schedule, deadlines, or interest rates. No collateral needed, just straightforward funding

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