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Simplicity Unleashed

Your local bodega is more than just a store – it's a place where neighbors come together

Unlike big chains, you know your customers personally and cater to their individual needs.


We're not just a solution; we're here to help you. Whether you need simple payment processing for your small business or want to connect a complete retail system, we work closely with you to create software and systems that match your needs.

Inventory Mastery Simplified

Managing various inventories, from meats to health foods and household items, can be overwhelming. Supersonic's Convenience Retail POS System is designed to intentionally simplify inventory management, allowing you to focus on driving overall business growth.

Lightning-Fast Checkout

During busy hours, checkout lines can slow down with full carts. Supersonic's Grocery Point of Sale introduces lightning-fast checkout technology, revolutionizing your customer experience. With an intuitive interface and rapid processing power, your team can check out customers faster than ever.

Loss Prevention

Our system stops theft inside your convenience store (C-Store). It watches every transaction, catching any strange activity like canceled sales or completed purchases. SuperSonic Loss Prevention is crucial to stop losses and make more money for C-Store businesses.

Customer Incentives Unleashed

Building a brand requires intentional customer engagement. Supersonic's grocery POS software empowers you to create Customer Loyalty Programs, issue cards, award points, and process redemptions. Cultivate long-term income by winning fans and building a strong brand.

Track Lottery Effortlessly

Supersonic POS optimizes lottery sales management by seamlessly integrating transactions, providing instant insights, and simplifying cash handling. The scanner feature enhances book tracking for improved business performance.

Leverage Your Sales Data for Monthly Gains with Scandata

Maximize your earnings with SuperSonic Pay. Automatically submit POS scan data for Multi-Pack and Loyalty Promotions. Choose flexible payment options and utilize seamless data reporting to potentially earn up to 10¢ per carton based on sales volume.

Pass Dual Pricing Options to Customers

Looking for a way to pay $0 for accepting credit cards? Our dual pricing program provides a way for merchants to pass along the cost of accepting credit cards to their customers.

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