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SuperSonic Point of Sale System

Introducing the SuperSonic Dual Touch Screen POS System, available in two sizes, 17-inch and 15-inch sizes

Upgrade to the SuperSonic Dual Touch Screen POS System today for optimized space, efficiency, and seamless integration, revolutionizing operations for businesses of all sizes.

PAX Pinpad

Explore the seamless integration of our PAX Pinpad collection with our POS bundle, offering ease in accepting payments. Accommodate various payment preferences effortlessly, including swiping, dipping, tapping, or manual key-ins

Upgrade your POS system today for enhanced convenience, security, and flexibility

SuperSonic Barcode Scanner

Introducing SuperSonic POS Barcode/ID Scanners—an efficient solution for speedy and accurate checkout processes. 

Upgrade your POS system today for speed, accuracy, efficiency, and customer satisfaction in one.

SuperSonic Cash Drawer

Introducing the SuperSonic POS Cash Drawer—crafted from durable stainless steel for modern businesses. Elevate your checkout counter with a sleek and modern aesthetic. 

Upgrade to the SuperSonic POS Cash Drawer for durability, security, and efficiency tailored to today's business needs.

Battery Backup Unit

Introducing the SuperSonic POS Battery Backup Unit—an essential safeguard for your POS system. 

Don't let power disruptions disrupt your business—invest in the SuperSonic POS Battery Backup Unit for peace of mind and reliable power protection

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