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SuperSonic POS Tobacco Scan Data Program: Boost Your Profits

Unlock the potential to earn more with our Tobacco Scan Data Program

Now, imagine upgrading your shop with SuperSonic's POS system – like a friendly helper that brings modern convenience to your authentic space


We're not just a solution; we're here to help you. Whether you need simple payment processing for your small business or want to connect a complete retail system, we work closely with you to create software and systems that match your needs.

Unlock the potential to earn more with our Tobacco Scan Data Program

Boost profits with ScanData

Leverage Your Sales Data for Monthly Gains

SuperSonic Pay simplifies your participation in Multi-Pack and Loyalty Promotions through automatic submission of your POS scan data

Hassle-Free Participation and Additional Support

Joining the SuperSonic Pay Tobacco Scan Data Program is hassle-free 

Tobacco accounts are required for participation

Don’t have a Phillip Morris account? To set up your account, call (866) 928-3510  
Don’t yet have a RJ Reynolds account? To set up your account, call (800) 974-2227   Don’t have a ITG account? To set up your account, call (866) 233-6527 

**Disclaimer: Seamless and Reliable Participation**

All tobacco sales scan data programs are managed by tobacco manufacturers, and SuperSonic Pay ensures that retailers seamlessly participate. Terms, eligibility, and promotional payments are determined by each manufacturer, and SuperSonic Pay is not liable for errors or omissions. Monthly fees are based on the number of plans and whether the merchant bundles with SuperSonic Pay processing services. The program may not be available in all states, and by participating, the retailer assumes all responsibility for the setup of promotions in accordance with manufacturer guidelines. Elevate your tobacco sales game with SuperSonic Pay!

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