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We're not just a solution; we're here to help you. Whether you need simple payment processing for your small business or want to connect a complete retail system, we work closely with you to create software and systems that match your needs.

How Does SuperSonic Price-Book Management Empower Your Business?

Effectively managing your price-book with SuperSonic ensures smoother business operations. Here's how our price-book management puts you in control:

Transaction Accuracy

A well-maintained pricebook ensures that products ring up at the correct prices, eliminating discrepancies between what customers see and what they are charged. This precision leads to accurate sales transactions every time.

Strategic Pricing

Enables strategic decision-making by allowing you to enter and adjust item's pricing based on sales analytics. Identify and address pricing issues in your store to boost overall revenue and profit.

Recordkeeping Excellence

To gauge product performance, you need precise sales records. Supersonic's cataloging of items ensures that every transaction updates your sales records seamlessly.

Inventory Tracking

Accurate inventory management provides robust record keeping. Supersonic's digital price-book serves as the foundation for effective inventory tracking as products move in and out of your store.

Promotion Implementation

Easily execute promotions to attract new customers and enhance loyalty. Supersonic simplifies complex promotions, such as those applied when customers purchase multiple of the same product. With SuperSonic's Mix & Match promotion feature, discounts are automatic. Scan two different items, and the system applies the discount without any manual entry. It's that simple for a smooth customer experience!

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