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Shrink Shrinkage.
Operate Anywhere.
Drive Sales & Earn money.

Gas Station owners use Petro Outlet to cloud-enable their legacy POS systems and in turn, drive sales with Scan Data Loyalty programs, shrink shrinkage with cameras integrated into the POS, and transform their operations with a modern complete platform to manage one or one hundred stores from anywhere in the world.

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Scan Data Reporting & Loyalty Programs

Increase cigarette sales on average by 10%, drive store foot traffic, and have the cost of our software partially reimbursed by the tobacco companies!

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Camera to POS Integration

Stop your store’s internal theft! Filter & Find all those fishy and risky transactions (Discounts, Void Lines, No Sales, etc.) throughout the day, and instantly jump to the HD video footage with sound at the click of a button, no more digging through hours of video or unreliable DVR to POS injection boxes with our easy cloud-based system!

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Complete Lottery, Cigarette & Product Inventory Control

Never again sell products below cost! Know your store’s real gross margin!

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Multi-store Store Management

From your smart-phone or any computer in the world change your merchandise or fuel prices once, and have them updated instantly at the press of a button across all of your stores and pumps at the same time!

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Advanced Reporting

Keep tabs on your store and see sales numbers live throughout the day, view fuel reports, network reports slice and dice numbers in finer detail than your POS system from your phone or computer anytime, from anywhere in the world!

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Our Solution

Shrink Shrinkage
& Control

See every void line or transaction with our Loss Prevention system, and then filter through your store register journals at the press of a button to all risky transactions like No Sales & Discounts, then simply press “Watch” to use our LPA Camera feature and instantly jump to HD footage of the event! Our Owners using this feature alone have saved over $1 Million dollars!

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Operate Anywhere
& Manage

Never again get caught selling a product below your cost, using EDI and our inventory system, whenever you place an order with your wholesaler the system will automatically enter the invoice for you and show you exactly where you need to adjust your pricing and where you need to improve your margins with actionable insights on exactly which SKUs you need to fix!

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Drive Sales & Grow

Scan Data Brings People In. More easily & Auto Controller Margins in-line w/ Market brings happier customers. Know your sales & Decide if it’s time to grow, also know profit and margin and show proof of age validation at the time of sale with ID Scanning & JUUL RACS Compliance.

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Years of Real Store Experience

Petro Outlet lets me change my price for all of my stores from anywhere in the world, even back in my home country!

Akram Afsam

Tobacco Scan Data has helped me increase my tobacco sales, and I have seen my in-store sales increase as well with that. It's fantastic and Petro Outlet was amazing in getting us switched over from our last vendor who wasn't giving us the service we needed. Great, super helpful team!

Reginald Rodriguez

The Camera feature of Petro Outlet helped me to catch 3 employees that were stealing $300 a day from me! Every owner needs this system!

John Pops

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