Simple, Speedy, Secure.

Petro Outlet is a modern fully featured management platform for the convenience industry with two modules. One for owners, operators and retailers. The other for brand names and distributors.

The application can be accessed on a computer or on the go via a Smartphone. We currently have official integrations with both the Verifone® and Gilbarco® Point of Sale systems.

The Right Way To Operate.

Petro Outlet can:

  • Help to Manage hundreds of stations without breaking a sweat
  • Provide transaction level insights about your store’s sales
  • Auto-reconcile cashier shifts
  • Alert you towards theft & suspicious transactions
  • Make your stores more efficient
  • Cut costs
  • Let you automate your store’s management procedures
  • Give you the ability to monitize your transaction data through Tobacco Scan Data Programs potentially paying for the software multiple times over

all in the power of your hands and available anywhere so that you can do more of what you love and be on-site even less.

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Years of C-Store Experience

A Proven Track-record

We have over 40 years of experience running multiple stations at a time, and still run stations to this day. This is our livelihood and we are here to stay.

From day one, Petro Outlet has been in use within our stations and optimized for the C-Store & Gas Station industry.

We built the best back office to run our stores and constantly work to improve it with everything you need for the new, ever-changing, convenience industry.

Pays for itself & more

Petro Outlet low-cost plans pays for itself through:

  • A Quarterly check from RJ Reynolds, Philip Morris, US Smokeless and ITG Brands for your scan data.
  • Eligibility for Tobacco companies to offer customer loyalty funds
  • Reduced Losses from our proactive Loss Prevention features including POS & Camera Linking and Suspicious activity alerting.
  • Less time needed to manage employees thanks to a streamlined & automated reconciliation and custom report collection for employees
  • Accurate Inventory counts & management to catch theft away from the register
  • Reduced buying costs by utilizing our buying network of partners for the best deals

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