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Unlock your salon's potential with SuperSonic POS:

Real-time insights for beauty and profit!

Local beauty and hair salons create a community for customers, but face challenges from big chains. Without a POS system, managing services during a visit is time-consuming. With SuperSonic POS, assign each service to a button for quick checkout.

The All-in-One Solution for your Salon Business

Effortless Management

Comprehensive Features

Customized Reports

Loss Prevention

Effortless Management

Elevate your salon's efficiency with SuperSonic POS's salon POS system, designed to seamlessly handle inventory and bookings

Comprehensive Features

SuperSonic POS's salon POS system revolutionizes salon management by offering seamless promotion crafting, client and staff management, and effortless stock level updates

Customized Reports

SuperSonic POS's salon POS system empowers salon owners with robust reporting capabilities, real-time sales tracking, and streamlined bookkeeping processes

Loss Prevention

SuperSonic's POS system offers vigilant transaction monitoring, ensuring no suspicious activity goes unnoticed. Whether it's a voided sale, a suspended transaction, or a completed purchase, our system provides comprehensive coverage and peace of mind for your business

Where beauty meets profitability!

Use sales data to predict market trends, manage inventory, create effective promotions, and prevent losses with SuperSonic Loss Prevention, boosting profits for beauty supply businesses

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