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Manage your store from anywhere in the world

Managing multiple stores is overwhelming—endless tasks, constant travel, and the struggle to keep sales and inventory in sync—and it’s holding you back. 

SuperSonic POS transforms this chaos, allowing your business to operate seamlessly, like a well-oiled machine.


We're not just a solution; we're here to help you. Whether you need simple payment processing for your small business or want to connect a complete retail system, we work closely with you to create software and systems that match your needs.

Manage all your stores, teams, and sales channels from a single trusted source!

Simplify your team's work. Use Supersonic's all-in-one solution to handle different aspects of your business.

Experience Effortless Integration with Supersonic POS

Let us handle the hard work!

Boost Sales with Supersonic POS

Access premium tools, insights, and automation at a fraction of the cost you'd pay for enterprise-level solutions. Unlock more value for less

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Welcome to the future of business management.

Experience a new level of convenience with the Petro Outlet App! Download the latest app and take control wherever you go.

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