Jump into the future.

Control your business.

SuperSonic POS gives you the freedom to take your business to the next level by stopping theft in its tracks – both behind the counter and on the floor. The freedom to manage your business anywhere in the world, anytime. Attract & engage customers with Scan Data/Manufacturer Promotions. Future proof your business with e-commerce, loyalty, contactless payments, and more. Grow your business with the world’s best point of sale system, SuperSonic POS powered by Petro Outlet!

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Take Control.

SuperSonic, powered by our industry-leading Petro Outlet platform, has all of the management tools you need to manage, control, and grow your business.

From your smartphone or any computer in the world enter new products or change prices, and have them updated instantly across all of your stores and registers simultaneously. Keep tabs on your stored and see sales numbers in real-time. All using our iOS or Android mobile applications, or our any-where web app.

Our Camera to POS Integration stops your store’s internal theft! Filter & Find all those fishy and risky transactions (Discounts, Void Lines, No Sales, etc.) throughout the day, and instantly jump to the HD video footage with sound at the click of a button, no more digging through hours of video or unreliable DVR to POS injection boxes with our easy cloud-based system!

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Efficient & Easy-to-Use

Keep the line moving quickly & efficiently with our super-fast and easy-to-use point-of-sale. Whether manually ringing merchandise up, or by scanning barcodes at laser speeds.

Flexible & Keeps you in-control

Stay in control of your business. Configure checkout preferences, re-arrange the screen, lockdown functionality, set user permissions & profiles with a custom set of permissions for you and each staff member on our system.

Integrated Credit, Debit & EBT Processing

Integrated card processing speeds lines, reduces theft, and saves costly mistakes from miskeyed amounts. Accept Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay! Accept EBT Processing on the same system, and ring up everything all at once.

Powerful Hardware to go the Extra Mile, with Flexibility

Durable & Dependable. Our own custom hardware is built for the needs of high-volume stores, tested in our own stores. Not just that, but the Hardware is flexible, Wireless Scanners, Integrated Scales, or Kitchen Printers? No Problem.

Ready for the Future.

Whether you have 1 or 100 Stores our system can tie them all together and blend sales, sync price books across stores, manage inventory, and track shrinkage for multiple stores. All at the press of a button from anywhere in the world.

Our platform is Cloud-Based and Future Proof. We are constantly innovating and new features come out every week. E-Commerce with online payments? White-Label Loyalty? Raw Data exports? You name it.

Just bought a new store? Need a new register? It takes minutes to have the system automatically sync with your other stores and instantly have all prices.

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Leadership Years of Experience Owning & Operating Stores


Existing SuperSonic POS Loyalty Program members throughout the country

$1+ Billion

Average volume processed on our platform yearly

7+ Million

The average amount of transactions processed by our platform monthly

The Camera feature of SuperSonic helped me to catch 3 employees that were stealing $300 a day from me! Every owner needs this system!

Mohammad Hussein

SuperSonic Lets me change my price for all of my stores from anywhere in the world, even back in my home country, and I saved thousands in Credit-Card bills a month!

Akram Afsam

We used to pay $10,000 a month in Credit Card Processing for our Fish Market! We now pay $0. It's amazing, the Petro Outlet system also lets me get any report I want in as little or as much detail as I want and customers love the transparent customer display!

John Pops

Tobacco Scan Data has helped me increase my tobacco sales by 23% and I have seen my in-store sales increase 15% as well with that. It's fantastic and Petro Outlet was amazing in getting us switched over from our last vendor who wasn't giving us the service we needed. Great, super helpful team!

Reginald Rodriguez

Save Money.
Increase Sales.

Save Thousands a month with our dual pricing programs to virtually eliminate card processing fees and achieve legal & compliant 0% processing in all 50 states! Using our dual-facing display and proprietary repricing engine, we are able to save you thousands with little customer pushback!

SuperSonic is eligible with all Tobacco Scan Data Multi-Pack & Loyalty Programs and will help you to save up to $1 off a pack on top of your existing buy-downs, bringing customers in and helping you to compete with the big guys. Average stores see 10% Cigarette sales growth.

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Scale Operations

Never again sell products below cost, know your store’s real gross margin, get alerts when prices go up. Never have to enter an invoice again in, automatically receive products your purchase into inventory as soon as you order with EDI Integrations into major wholesalers. Run shrinkage reports for inventory and find out exactly what is being stolen, and re-layout the store to prevent it. Organize your stores into regions and delegate manager control to certain stores. Unlimited user accounts with fine-grain detailed permissions for each user to control which stores they can see and access.

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