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Petro Outlet is the latest competitor in an already competitive market, why bother? Because no one has bothered to focus on the consumer!

The trend has been for back offices to only focus on immediate customers and their bottom line. Not how stores can assist in providing end-consumers a more positive experience. We found this to be especially true, when we went searching for a back office solution for our own stores. That fiasco led us to found Petro Outlet.

Petro Outlet fixes the problem with an analytics and management platform, as well as free online training guides. The future of the sector is dependent on the industries ability to adapt. Our mission is to make that vision a reality.

To further our goal, we work with distributors and CPG brands. Finding trends in sales data to provide insights into how consumers are purchasing their products.

The past few years has shown consumers prefer services be woven to their needs, we aim to make that possible through the use of data.

Stop Guessing, Start Knowing.