Watch a Highlight of Our Features

Know what you sold

A beautiful full sales dashboard that shows you how much was sold on a per department, method of payment, product, PLU/Sku or inside vs outside basis.

Save Money

Our partners can help you find core services of your business, like gas insurance or environmental inspection, that can save you money. We also offer consulting to improve and teach new processes to help optimize your business.

Manage your Products

Create and manage products with the ability to assign different prices for different stores and individual categories or even dynamic sub-categories to drill down into any department that you want.

Earn Money

With automatic collection and submission of tobacco scan data to the tobacco companies, we can bring in a new source of revenue for no effort at all, making a profit by simply having Petro Outlet at your site.

Stop theft in it's tracks

With our loss prevention analytics system you can be alerted whenever suspicious activities occur, and jump directly to the camera footage to see what actions are being made on the POS register, all within real-time.

Delegate to Employees

Delegate pricebook management, scanning, custom reports, or lottery responsibilities to managers and/or employees with permission restricted employee accounts to offload work from you and your back office team to create a productive and efficient system where everyone is held accountable and work is distributed.

Automate & Customize Reports Exactly how you want.

Create custom shift reports to give to employees during, between or at the end of shifts.

Know exact inventory

Get a handle on inventory and know exactly what you have on shelves with inventory management to accurately calculate exactly how much product value is on the shelves, automate ordering and accept EDI format inventory data from your vendors.