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Last Updated on: 29 April 2019

Starting next week, we will begin releasing our weekly blog posts. The topics will typically be on the analytical side. Example post topics include:

  • In-Depth guides to running your business
  • Infographics on industry topics w/ our added insights
  • Product announcements relating to the Petro Outlet back office product

On top of that, we will have a weekly newsletter that you can subscribe to below to hear about our weekly roundup of news within the Gas & Convenience industries along with our experience guided opinion on how it will affect the industry, particularly individual store owners and small to medium chain SMEs.

Mahdi Hussein

Mahdi Hussein is the Founder of Petro Outlet. His first memories of the convenience & gas industries were running around aisles in diapers eating candy from his father's convenience stores.

Mohammad Hussein

Mohammad Hussein is the lead product strategist & advisor for Petro Outlet. He is also currently the Founder of Planet Ozone. He has over 40 years of convenience and gas experience.

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